Since the AP called the election, questions about a concession speech have surfaced. While it may be the norm, President Trump has always done things his way. He was elected because he wasn't a "politician." There is still a chance the lawsuits could yield him another term in office. He is fighting hard and his supporters are right there with him. It is reminiscent of the fight Al Gore fought in 2000. Gore eventually admitted defeat, but it took 35 days to do so. President Trump must have the chance to see a definite result of this campaign. The next president, be it Joe Biden or Donald Trump, must focus on the major issues before our country.

He's what our viewers had to say.

"Well spoken, Dale Woods."

"People need to read the Constitution to understand the state legislators call the election."

"If for some reason there were any discrepancies, Mister Biden should be the first one to make sure that it's corrected because we don't want our democracy destroyed."

"I feel Donald Trump has lost this election. If he has proof that there are invalid votes, then he needs to show that proof, and we just need to move on."

"All the votes should be counted, and make sure no fraud was involved."

"He [Trump] needs to do what he needs to do to make sure that this is legit."

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