Since the AP called the election, questions about a concession speech have surfaced. While it has been the norm, for the past 128 years that every losing presidential candidate has followed, this has never been a normal president. Donald Trump has done things his own way. He was elected because he wasn't a "politician." In his tenure as commander-in-chief, he has repetitively chosen to take the optimistic version of potential outcomes.

This time appears to be no different. There is still a chance the lawsuits, filed by his team, could yield another term in office. He is fighting tooth and nail and his supporters are right there with him. It is reminiscent of the fight Al Gore fought in 2000. In that case, after the courts had their say, Gore eventually admitted defeat, but it took 35 days to do so.

President Trump must have the chance to see a definite result of this campaign. Nothing is final until all votes have been certified. When it is all decided the President, be it Joe Biden, or Donald Trump, must focus on the major issues before our country. They must stress the importance of economy, a superior military, a strong education system, and available health care for all.

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