The coronavirus has made its grand entrance in the United States. The most dangerous symptom facing us is not the cough, or the fever. It is the fear. Fear has shut down schools, stifled air travel, and turned the stock market upside down. Everyone must wash their hands and wipe down common areas. We must use common sense and continue to live our lives, because common sense is the best vaccine for fear.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Mister Dale Woods, you're right on about the panic on the virus."

"There are many schools that are shutting down. What do you think these kids are going to do? Go home and stay home? No. They're going to come back with the coronavirus and it's gonna be infected."

"Mister Woods, shame on you... you used that nasty word again, common sense."

"I'm very upset at what the governor has just done. Banning people from going to see loved ones in facilities."

"Washing your hands. Sanitizing. Not shaking someone's hand that you don't know, is good9common sense."

"Yes, flu is more prevalent, but the novel coronavirus is much more deadly, and for that reason it must be taken much more seriously. Those of us over sixty certainly hope the rest of you will take all needed precautions."

"If everybody used common sense it would be okay."

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