There's a crisis in local classrooms, as a teacher shortage is hurting our education system. Local schools are trying to recruit and retain full-time and substitute teachers, but it's just not happening.  A bigger incentive like more money would help, and it's needed.

There hasn't been a significant increase or investment in Kentucky teacher salaries for about seven years, since the state legislature passed the 2014-2015 budget.  On average, new teachers in Kentucky and Indiana make $37,000 a year. It's among the lowest in the country.  It's time to pay teachers more, before we're all paying the price.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Absolutely give the teachers a raise. Kentucky schools will stay backwards until they do."

"They make an excellent retirement and they only work three quarters of the year."

"They have great pensions, they have great salaries, but in return we still have the worst schools."

"The fact that teachers aren't paid more than what they're paid is ridiculous because I pay ridiculous taxes."

"Where's this money going, and what's it being used for, when our teachers aren't getting paid what they should be? Where's the money going?"

"Why don't they start with a serious independent audit of JCPS schools?"

President, General Manager

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