It’s becoming a dangerous problem in Kentucky and Indiana - reckless drivers with a need for speed.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving - whether it’s on the interstate, in downtown, even in a neighborhood -and cars are weaving in and out of traffic and flying past me.

Just this week a man was speeding on the Watterson Expressway -driving so fast he hit a semi head on with so much force his car split in two, and he tragically died.

Horrible situations like this are avoidable, yet they happen all the time.

This wouldn’t be a problem if people would slow down and take their time. The risk isn’t worth the reward.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

“Multiple times I've seen people driving the wrong way, and without headlights on, and speeding in excess.”

“Driving in Louisville is very hazardous. We need our state legislators to step up and get the speeding and red light cameras.”

“Remember, defund the police? There are very few police able to patrol.”

“Back in the day when we learned to drive, we didn't have cell phones stuck in our ears.”

“It is so terrible on the Watterson, between 70 and 80 sometimes, weaving in and out.”

“Now they're starting to drive like a bunch of idiots, and they just try to run over you. I just shake my head at the fools.”

President, General Manager

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