It's a deadly problem becoming all too common in Louisville: wrong-way crashes.

This week, a man was driving the wrong way on Interstate 65, smashing into several vehicles before ultimately hitting and killing an innocent driver. Most of the time some type of impairment is to blame but not always.

Sometimes, drivers are simply confused and at no fault of their own. 

I'd like to see more traffic signs in the area helping drivers exit and merge safely. If all else fails, a device like tire puncture spikes to help reduce the severity of any accident.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I totally agree about the signs, but half of these idiots on the road are drunk or illiterate, so then what?"

"Can’t you make direction arrows, real simple to paint?"

"When you're on drugs and alcohol, signs don't matter, but the tire puncture device would work great."

"I think that's a great idea. Tire spikes would definitely help."

"Sure, it may tear up two or four tires, but in the grand scheme of losing a life, what's two or four tires of a wrong-way driver?"

"It's true that some exits and entrances do not have signs. But, these impaired people, it doesn't matter. When you get on the interstate and all the cars are coming towards you... that might be a clue you're going the wrong way."

President, General Manager

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