It's a deadly problem becoming all too common in Louisville: wrong-way crashes.

This week, a man was driving the wrong way on Interstate 65, smashing into several vehicles, before ultimately hitting and killing an innocent driver. Most of the time, some type of impairment is to blame, but not always.

Sometimes drivers are simply confused and at no fault of their own.  As more of these accidents are being reported lately, it's time to evaluate the overall safety of interstates in Kentucky.

There needs to be more signage clearly telling drivers where to go and which way to exit.  I've seen areas that are missing signs all together, which makes it easier for drivers to get confused and head into oncoming traffic. I'd like to see more well-lit electronic signs that alert drivers and, perhaps, tire puncture spikes that will stop a driver, if they’re going the wrong way.

I'm glad that Gov. Beshear recognizes that Kentucky interstates and highways need major safety repairs. I appreciate it that he went a step further and put his money where his mouth is awarding the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet more than $5 million to help with safety changes. 

If you've traveled around the city lately, you know it's long overdue, but better late than never.

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