Going to a night club is supposed to be about meeting friends and having a good time. Bars hire security guards to protect the nightclub and other patrons from belligerent customers. If you get outrageously out of control in a bar, you deserve to get thrown out for your behavior, but bad behavior at a club never warrants a death sentence.

"Terrible what happened to that young man there at that bar, and the bully that put his hands on him needs to be charged with at least manslaughter."

"No one deserves to be handled that way. I know accidents happen, and I don't believe the security guard meant to kill the man, but to be killed for unruly behavior is absolutely outrageous."

 "I totally agree. These bouncers at these bars in Louisville are power hungry and aggressive."

"Being a person that is there to make that decision of what's safe and what's not, it's not an easy one to make, and unfortunately a strike of a hand, a pull of a trigger, that's an instant decision that you have to make, and it's unfortunately a deadly one at times. It's a shame for both parties involved here."

"The person that was killed in the Highlands swung on the guard first. The guard had the right to protect himself."

"The security guard should be charged with assault because if we do it in the streets, the same way, we're charged with assault."