A trip to the nightclub is supposed to be a nice getaway from the daily grind of life. Early Sunday morning a tragedy happened at a local club. Witnesses say a security guard punched a patron causing him to fall, hit his head and ultimately die.

A Security guard’s job is to protect the nightclub and other patrons from belligerent customers. A guard’s duty is to get unruly patrons out of the bar and allow the rest of the clients to enjoy their night. If a security guard determines that a physical threat is occurring, he may defend himself, but only to the level of the threat. Security needs to be the ones that keep level heads. They can’t allow themselves to get caught up in the commotion.

It is very tragic that the patron died. The customer’s friends and family will now have to grieve his untimely loss. The employee involved will have to live with questioning of his actions for the rest of his life. If you get outrageously out of control in a bar, you deserve to get thrown out for your behavior, but bad behavior never warrants a death sentence. Give us a call and tell us what you think.

I’m Dale Woods, and that’s my Point of View.

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