You may have heard the expression “driving is a privilege not a right.” For the unlucky ones who need to renew their license, you better plan to spend the better part of a workday trying to tackle this goal. COVID-19 has made this arduous task even more difficult. Some DMV branches are closed and lines at open offices can last for hours.

To ease troubles at the beginning of the pandemic, 90-day extensions were granted for expired licenses. That grace period ended last week. Kentucky drivers can temporarily renew ID’s online, but this only applies to drivers’ licenses, not REAL ID’s. Those have to be gotten in person from a limited number of open offices across the state.

Now is the time for the Kentucky Transportation Department to reform and streamline the DMV. Online availability must be made permanent. Hours of operation must be extended past the current Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. window. There needs to more employees at more locations for longer periods of time. And for heaven sakes, Drivers must be able to get a REAL ID without having to drive halfway across the Commonwealth to do it!

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