A recent WDRB report estimated that the equivalent of two downtown office towers were empty and available for lease at the end of last year. And recent estimates say that as much as 15 percent of Louisville's downtown workforce will keep working from home even once pandemic restrictions are lifted.

It’s a major cause for concern. Within a two-minute walk of where I’m standing, there are two AT&T buildings for sale, along with The Courier-Journal's historic building.

The culprits are corporate downsizing, the changing face of the American office, and a pandemic that hastened the whole process. In Louisville, we also have to deal with the perception that our city is unsafe.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I think our major problem is our leadership."

"Downsizing is nothing new, and brick and mortar has been going away for some time. So, we're going to have to figure out other solutions and bring people back."

"Downtown Louisville won't see a return to normal as long as we have the same mayor we have now. His priorities are in all the wrong places."

"The problem in Louisville right now is the result of the democratic leadership resulting in police officers not being able to police or do their job."

"You want to get all of those businesses rented up down town? Give the police more authority to clean up the streets."

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