Now is a pivotal time for Downtown Louisville. As we see signs of life from pandemic recovery everywhere, many are watching to see if downtown will bounce back.

It’s going to be tough. Many office jobs have left or been converted to remote working, and may not return. Some still have concerns over protests or safety. These are issues that will take time to resolve.

Here’s one that shouldn’t keep anyone from visiting downtown: Parking. At a time when everyone from city officials to local businesses are trying to attract people back, it’s not a good look to have them pay $8 or more just to park.

If ever there were a time to relax or even suspend parking charges downtown, now would be the time. It’s more important to welcome people back, let them eat or attend events without added parking expense and leave with a good feeling, than to collect what revenue might come from the meters and garages.

We face enough obstacles in bringing downtown Louisville back. The price for parking shouldn’t be one of them.

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President, General Manager

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