I have the utmost respect for teachers. But the idea that JCPS should remain on virtual learning even after teachers get the COVID vaccine, is simply ridiculous. It would be a gross disservice to the children of Louisville and their families, who are struggling with the logistical nightmare of non-traditional instruction. It would be nice if everyone were able to stay home until the virus disappears. But what happens when you call an ambulance, your house catches fire, or you need to go to the grocery?

We've asked essential workers to show up, without the vaccine. It surely isn't too much to ask school personnel to show up after getting the shot.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Kids need to be back in school, and teachers getting the vaccine and not to go back to school is absolutely bizarre."

"All the teachers got their vaccination, and they don't have [anything] to worry about, but what about our young'ins? What if they get something and they give it to somebody at home?"

"We need to get these kids back in school. We need to get people back to work. Let's get a plan, and let's follow it."

"Kids should be back in school, when the experts say it's safe. If a child can sit and play a video game, I find it hard to believe that NTI simply doesn't work."

"How do they plan on self-distancing the kids on the school buses?"

President, General Manager

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