LG&E wants to raise your rates. I know this sounds like it happens every-other year, but this year is different. LG&E should treat it as such. This is one instance where customers don't want life to return to normal. The energy supplier wants to raise the rates on both gas and electric, and it plans to hike them about ten percent. I know the company is interested in making money but forcing customers into situations where they can't afford to pay their bills is bad for business. LG&E needs to retract the rate increase proposal until the economy starts to recover.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I don't always agree with your point of view, but I have to say this time you were right on track. They don't need to raise their rates during a pandemic. Give us a break, please."

"They want to raise it ten percent then the CEO ought to have to give up ten percent of his income."

"When will they ever stop raising our rates? When you live on a social security income, how in the world can you keep on paying the rates?"

"This is ridiculous. Why increase all the utilities when people don't have jobs?"

"The problem with Louisville is there's only one water company, one electric company, gas company. It's a problem because they don't have anybody to compete with."

"You can't afford to live now as it is, it's crazy. It's unreal."

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