Louisville Gas and Electric wants to raise your rates. I know this sounds like it happens every-other year, but this year is different. LG&E should treat it as such. This is one instance where customers don't want life to return to normal. Most people would be ecstatic seeing a couple years where energy rates don't rise. The company is sending the message that it just doesn't care.

The energy supplier isn't simply asking for a cost-of-living increase. It wants to raise the rates on both gas and electric and it plans to hike them considerably. Combined, these increases will average about a ten percent spike in your gas and electric bills. This is at a time when many people are going through financial hardships, up to and including being out of work. Tens of thousands of people are already behind on their LG&E bills. This will only accentuate their problems and cause that number to grow larger.

I know that LG&E is interested in making money, just like most successful businesses. Forcing customers into situations where they can't afford to pay their bills is bad for business. LG&E needs to retract the rate increase proposal until the economy starts to recover. Enough is enough.

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President, General Manager

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