Gas prices are ridiculous right now, topping $5 a gallon across parts of Kentucky, Indiana and the rest of the country.  We've got a real problem on our hands. These record-breaking gas prices are holding us hostage. It's a disaster from the top down. How do we expect to breathe new life into local restaurants and businesses if people can't even afford to drive there?

And forget about the big summer vacation a lot of families look forward to.  Parents are forced to put food on the table instead of miles on the car. It's just too expensive to fill up and hit the road.

If you've lived here long enough, you know we have a huge farming community in Kentucky and Indiana. Now, with the high prices of diesel fuel and fertilizer, this is going to impact the cost of food in the future.

Gov. Kemp from Georgia suspended his state's gas tax, thus saving their drivers over .28 cents per gallon. I encourage both Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky and Gov. Eric Holcomb of Indiana to do the same. It’s not like that gas tax money has been fixing all the potholes, bad roads and bridges, especially throughout the state of Kentucky.

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