Yvette Gentry has been named the next interim police chief of Louisville. She will be the first woman to hold that position. As a retired LMPD officer with twenty years of experience, Gentry brings knowledge of the department and will strive to heal the wounds of the community and the force. She is a wife, a mother, and a great fit to be chief. What doesn't fit is the interim prefix that remains in front of the 'chief' title. It is unacceptable for Louisville to go almost a year without a permanent leader. The stalling must end. There needs to be a new chief before April, and this time without the interim label.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"A year is absolutely too long to go without leadership."

"They should get someone in there that's responsible and right away."

"We need to take our time with everything right now, because we need to get it right for this community... we deserve it. Good officers deserve it. We deserve real leadership in a new chief. I just think the mayor does need to take his time."

"It really doesn't matter who they hire as police chief. They need to hire a new mayor that will allow the police to do their job, and not tell them to stand back and let people destroy the city of Louisville."

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