It seems like everyone gets all worked up about getting in the Christmas spirit before Halloween and Thanksgiving. Don’t let the Scrooges and the Grinches put you in a foul mood. Decorate to your heart’s desire! Be the first in your neighborhood with your holiday lights on.

I’m the kind of guy that normally drives my car in complete silence, but not during the holidays. As soon as I know a radio station is playing Rudolph songs, I’m ready for reindeer games. I take Halloween decorations down, and enter into the Christmas mode. I even exchange the fall scented candles in the house for pine ones.

I deck the halls of my house too. The trees have been up for a while. The garland is strung; the lights and wreaths are hung. The Christmas season is pure joy for me. The spirit has hit me, and I am very merry. This Thanksgiving, be thankful how Christmas blessings make you feel, regardless of the date you start to decorate.

I’m Dale Woods, and that’s my festive Point of View.