This past year was brutal for Louisville both in reality and in terms of public perception. We watched businesses struggle and or close. It’s important Louisville puts its best foot forward in 2021. We need to rebound. Nothing illustrates a city in decline more than graffiti lingering on overpasses, buildings, and interstate signs. There’s a place for everything, but those spaces are no place for random tagging. Public art should be welcomed and supported. Many of the same people tagging public places could be enlisted to liven up blighted areas with beautiful murals in our community. Louisville’s image revival must start simple. We must take pride and prevent graffiti where it does not belong. Let’s resolve to make Louisville a more beautiful place in 2021, both inside and out.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"The beautification program that goes on in the summer for teenagers with artistic ability. Why not pay them to paint the walls?"

"Don't legitimize graffiti by calling it public art."

"I think we should close the skate park. The graffiti is concentrated near there. So, take away the park and I bet the graffiti in that area goes down significantly."

President, General Manager

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