$65 Million per year in new taxes is what Mayor Fischer is asking you to pay to make up for a $25 million budget problem.

Rather than having this conversation during an election year, Mayor Fischer waited until the final weeks to propose a tripling of insurance taxes as the only way our city can escape utter doom.

The Mayor is using hundreds of Metro Employees, non-profit groups as well as those doing business with Metro to spread fear and show support for his tax.

Luckily, the people of Louisville are seeing through this and continue to voice their strong opposition.

Savings can be found. Here are a few ideas that will save more than $10 million a year in taxes:

Eliminate raises for Metro Employees for one year.

Start a wellness program to reduce health care increases, ask employees to pay a portion of increased health care.

Stop borrowing money to give away for non-essential projects, stop building more bike lanes and funding programs such as the interrupters which have had questionable reporting and results.

These along with many other ideas will save enough money to prevent a forever tax on every Louisville Family.

Call the Mayor at 574-2003 and Metro Council at 574-1100 and tell them to find savings, not higher taxes.

I’m Councilman Scott Reed and that’s my Point of View.