GUEST POV | Everyone in Louisville should give $10 to the Fund for the Arts campaign

By: Tammy York Day

Chair of the Fund for the Arts' 2018 annual campaign

Hello, I'm Tammy York Day, chair of the Fund for the Arts' 2018 annual campaign.

As the campaign comes to an end, we have truly embraced change. By changing its grantmaking model to support Imagine Greater Louisville 2020, the Fund - and our arts community - have seen unprecedented success.

Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 is our community's vision for how arts and culture can best serve this region - it's crucial that we support it. The Fund has executed this vision by shifting to an inclusive, impact-driven model. This allows them to engage broader groups and serve more people, while strengthening our entire arts community at the same time.

I'm honored to represent this organization as the first female campaign chair since 1981 - and encourage our community to create more leadership roles like this for women. When we welcome new voices and empower everyone to succeed, our whole community wins.

Louisville can grow into a national hub of innovation and creativity by leveraging arts & culture. By strengthening the arts economy, we strengthen the city.

If everyone in our community gave just $10, we could more than double the number of opportunities for our children, families, artists, and the entire community. Support the Fund's campaign now by texting ARTS to 50155.

I'm Tammy York Day, and that's my Point of View.

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