New One Park Rendering

The greater Louisville business community encourages you to support the One Park development. This $250 million project will bring jobs, more housing opportunities, and new tax revenues to Louisville.

For Louisville to compete effectively with its peer cities and to continue growing its economy, we need developments like One Park.

As a city with an aging population that is struggling to attract younger talent, we can counteract current population trends with pro-growth policies and appealing projects like One Park that represent the housing and walkable communities that younger people want.

On the job front, One Park will be a place that will be sought-after by site selectors. It has great appeal as a headquarters or office for emerging tech and service companies. This project will send a message to potential employers and companies that the greater Louisville region is open for business.

Projects like One Park do not come along often. As a community, we must have the foresight to take advantage of these opportunities so we can compete with our peer and regional competitors. Support One Park - a development good for business and for Louisville.

I’m Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff for Greater Louisville Inc., and that's my Point of View.