GUEST POV | One voice should not overrule all our local voices

By Autumn Neagle

15th District PTA President

The JCPS Board of Education is in charge of several decisions that you may not be aware of: property tax rate, student assignment, magnets, vendor contracts, and yes, the entire budget.  

Why does this matter?

If the state takeover of JCPS succeeds, one person, not elected -- who does not have any responsibility to the people of Jefferson County -- will have the power to make all those decisions and more.  

The last election of school board members brought about a change in the make-up of the JCPS Board because the public saw issues at JCPS and voted for a change.  That change did happen -- the new board ultimately changed the superintendent and changed the direction of the district. There are still issues at JCPS, but to say this board, voted in by our community, is not making changes and seeing improvement is a slap in the face to every voter.

The elected JCPS Board makes policy changes by a majority vote. That is the Democratic process -- it is not a dictatorship.  

I believe the public should have a voice - a voice to make a change, a voice to say what is right or what is wrong.  A voice not just for our children, but a voice of our children. When one person makes every decision, and is not required to listen to anybody's else voice, we all lose.  

Please join me in helping to keep our voice local.  Elected by us, and accountable to us. Please call the Kentucky Board of Education at 502-564-3141 and ask them to vote no or go to  

I'm Autumn Neagle And That's My Point of View.