GUEST POV | SummerWorks Jobs Program for Youth

WDRB Guest Point of View

By Mayor Greg Fischer

Remember how you felt when you received your first paycheck? If you were like me, you loved it!

I want to make sure all young people in our city have an opportunity to know that feeling, to have the opportunity for a quality summer job. And our community is here to help, through the SummerWorks program.

These first jobs are important - it's where you learn to work in a team and apply skills learned in school, to build the relationships and confidence needed to thrive - And of course, there's that first paycheck!

Data shows us that SummerWorks youth are more likely to stay in the workforce and go further in school.

This past season, SummerWorks and its employer-partners made jobs possible for more than 6,200 young people - at organizations of all sizes and types.

That's an impressive increase from the 200 jobs in our first year, 2011, but we have more to do. We need even more donors whose contributions make jobs possible for youth at greatest need -- and more private-sector employers.

This summer, 42 companies partnered with SummerWorks. Next summer, let's see every company employ at least one youth!

If you want to make a lasting difference to improve lives, go to and support us in 2019.

It will be a game-changer for a young person, and a win for our families, neighborhoods and economy.

I'm Mayor Greg Fischer and that's my Point of View.