By: Sarah Durand

Government affairs director and digital marketing strategist for the Bluegrass Institute

Audit after audit of JCPS has shown that the achievement gap between white and minority students is growing. Poor minority students here and across Kentucky are vastly underperforming compared to their white classmates and disproportionately find themselves in the lowest-performing public schools.

Children from low-and-middle-income homes should have the same opportunities for academic success as their peers from wealthier families. Your child's opportunities should not be limited because of your income.

If our elected officials in Frankfort would support scholarship tax credits, we could give more students a greater chance at success.

Scholarship tax credit policies use private -- not public -- money to increase parental choice. These programs allow businesses or individuals to receive a tax credit against donations made to scholarship programs that give lower income families the means to send their children to the same private schools that the wealthy enjoy.

Giving parents -- even poor or dysfunctional ones -- the power of choosing where their children attend school produces amazing results. On average, student proficiency in math increases from 28-to-81 percent and reading proficiency skyrockets from 40-to-96 percent after just three years in a scholarship program.

Please call your legislators today and ask them to support scholarship tax credits, or visit

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I'm Sarah Durand and that's my Point of View.

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