By Eli Capilouto

WDRB Guest Point of View

Last year, more than 7,000 students earned degrees from the University of Kentucky. What if that number was 10,000? What if we could nearly double the number of engineering graduates? How would that stimulate economic growth?

Louisville has an ambitious but vital goal: at least 40,000 more residents with bachelor’s degrees. We are your partner.

A college degree is the crucial credential to compete for 21st century jobs.

For many students, their biggest obstacle is financial need.

At the University of Kentucky, we are attacking this challenge through UK LEADS (or Leveraging Economic Affordability for Developing Success). Our partners at the University of Louisville are also seeking innovative approaches.

In Louisville, there is almost $9 million in unmet financial need among our students. Across the state, it's about $60 million.

UK LEADS targets grants and scholarships to eliminate need. Through our Kentucky Can campaign, we are raising some $300 million for scholarships.

More graduates … more jobs for Kentucky.

That is what it means to do more .. to be more … for Kentucky.

It’s what Kentucky Can do.

I’m Eli Capilouto and that’s my point of view.