GUEST POV | Why a new VA Hospital on Brownsboro Road is a bad idea

By: Tom Powers

Vietnam veteran

Senator McConnell thinks we should build a new VA hospital on Brownsboro Road. I'm not so sure. There are three reasons this may be a bad idea.

First, we have a very good VA hospital now. It is not shiny and new, but it provides excellent care. My experience over the years has been overwhelmingly positive.I haven't used the facility myself lately, so I asked a number of my fellow veterans.Their experience has been the same as mine: overwhelmingly positive. The only problem they saw was parking. This is not a serious problem and could be fixed without spending a billion dollars.

Second, the current location is much better than the proposed one. One stoplight after getting off the interstate, and you are there. Convenient access is important when you are talking about medical care. The proposed location could have serious traffic problems.

Third, the billion dollars could better serve our veterans in other ways. Disability claims processing time is abysmal. That could be improved with the hiring and training of additional staff. More money could be spent on suicide prevention and PTSD treatment.

A billion dollar capital project like a new hospital is good for the local economy. It is very good for some contractors and developers. It may not be the best thing for our veterans.

I'm Tom Powers and that's my point of view.

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