During a time of such divide … this week is a great time to reflect with gratitude. Whether you’re watching this from the comfort of your couch, or tuning in on your cell phone or computer, I’d like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for family, friends, and health -- as we know it’s not guaranteed. 

It’s about coming together to enjoy time with each other, despite life’s challenges. Whether that be distance, or difference of opinion, we all move mountains on Thanksgiving to spend time with the people we love. 

It’s about sitting down at the dinner table and not talking politics while devouring turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It’s a tradition as old as time, yet somehow that’s what keeps on ticking by time. 

So I urge you on this Thanksgiving day to make the most of it to really dig deep, engage at the dinner table, and beyond. Go out into the community and lead with gratitude. 

As our city faces new adversity, new leadership, let’s take on those challenges with optimism, and give everyone time to reflect with gratitude, during a time of such divide.  

From myself and all of us at WDRB -- Happy Thanksgiving! I'm Dale Woods and that’s my Point of View. 

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