Governor Beshear must be oblivious to the difference between nightclubs and restaurants. Last week, if you tried to go to a restaurant bar, you would have found it again has been stifled by the governor. Some restaurants have erected dividers between seats or spread them six feet apart. But the restaurant tyrant in Frankfort has decided no one can be at the bar. He has taken away the safest area to eat. Bars in restaurants should never be confused with nightclubs. If Gov. Beshear wants to limit social interaction, he needs to focus on businesses that cater to the nightlife and leave restaurants alone.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

I agree with Dale Woods. Bring the bar stools back. Bring them back!

No, Governor Beshear should be worried about restaurants. People [who] come into restaurants can remove their mask to eat, so restaurant employees are at risk. Good for Governor Beshear. 

I think Governor Beshear needs to leave everybody alone.

We're still supposed to be staying at home as much as possible. So, I don't think that any families really should be going out to eat dinner.

I think the government is overreaching, and I think we're all kinda getting tired of it.

King Andy has done nothing but hurt Kentucky's economy.

President, General Manager

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