Governor Beshear must be oblivious to the difference between nightclubs and restaurants. Many people venture to local eateries after work. They sometimes choose restaurant bars to enjoy cocktails, a bite to eat or to simply decompress. Last week, if you tried to go to a restaurant bar, you would have found it again has been stifled by the governor. This time he slipped in changes without holding a press conference.

Establishments have put up with all types of rigmarole and still followed the rules. Some have erected dividers between seats or spread them six feet apart. But the restaurant tyrant in Frankfort has decided no one can be at the bar. He has taken away the safest area to eat. Now, even if you sit by yourself, you must occupy an entire table, possibly preventing a family from being seated.

Nightclubs encourage social interaction and facilitate intermingling. Their business models were designed for groups and gatherings. Restaurant bars are not clubs. The bars at Texas Roadhouse, Applebee’s and TGIF’s should never be confused with discos. If Gov. Beshear wants to limit social interaction, he needs to focus on businesses that cater to the nightlife and leave restaurants alone.

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