We all know politics are polarizing. Now more than ever, people hide behind social media – bashing lawmakers – and demanding change. Which begs the question – how long is too long for politicians to stay in office? Kentucky House Bill 314 is addressing that - along with other issues that could impact Louisville.

Gov. Andy Beshear vetoes it and now Republicans will likely override his veto. One of the hot topics is term limits for lawmakers. 

Greg Fischer has been the Mayor of Louisville since 2010 - serving three four-year terms. Current law allows that but House Bill 314 wants to change it. Under the new proposed law Louisville's Mayor can only serve a maximum of two terms, or eight years in office. I think that's a great idea and I support the idea of term limits  -but for all politicians. We need fresh ideas, and new strategies to move forward.

That's not a knock on any political candidate. It's a knock on the current process. I also find it a little ironic that lawmakers in Frankfort, that don't have term limits - yet they want to create them for other politicians. As our country evolves I think it’s time for our government to evolve too. And big changes are needed.

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