The Louisville Metro Police Department and the city reached a contract agreement this week. It is a three-year deal, but two years have already passed. That means the agreement ends in less than nine months.

The vote for this contract wasn’t unanimous, but I would like to congratulate both Mayor Greg Fischer and the police union for reaching a compromise. In the same breath, I strongly suggest they quickly reconvene to start negotiating the next contract.

This ratified contract makes an effort to stop the exodus of officers being lost to other departments or early retirement. It raises salaries, cuts health care premiums and gives officers an incentive to live in the community they patrol.

Despite dealing with months of protests, a pandemic and not having a permanent chief, LMPD officers have put their lives on the line and dedicated themselves to our city. I hope we all can realize the strength officers have already shown. LMPD needs a diverse pool of recruits that reflect the makeup of the community they serve.

We must combine support from residents with a strong new chief and a competitive 2021 contract to ensure a dedicated department for the future.

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President, General Manager

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