I’m usually not in favor of raising taxes, whether it’s on sales, income, or property

But in some cases, higher taxes can be a win-win. Smoking is a great example.

Lawmakers in the Indiana Senate are blocking a long-overdue increase in the state’s cigarette tax. That’s disappointing.

Indiana’s tax on cigarettes is less than a dollar per pack -- the 39th lowest rate in the country, and even lower than Kentucky.

It’s been over a decade since Indiana raised its cigarette tax. With such a low rate, it’s little wonder that more than one in five Hoosiers is a smoker -- the fourth highest rate in the nation.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I agree with you. There's a lot of good that comes from taxation. But, also, where does that money go to?"

"This is the response of an Indiana smoker. You need to start taxing alcohol."

"You should raise taxes on everyone. You can't discriminate just certain individuals because you think it's wrong."

"There are roughly 480,000 smoking deaths a year annually in the US. It is not the state's responsibility to punish you, and decide whether you need to smoke or not, by taxing you."

"Cigarette companies are two steps ahead of you and purchased most of the vaping companies. They know cigarette smokers are a dying breed."

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