Indiana has taken a step toward eliminating licenses to carry handguns.

A bill that passed the House this week would put Indiana in a group of about 15 states, including Kentucky, where people who can lawfully possess firearms don’t need to obtain a separate permit to carry them.

I don’t want guns in the hands of the wrong people. Under this legislation, offenders who are prohibited from possessing firearms wouldn’t be allowed to carry them.

Indiana’s licensing process doesn’t do much to restrict carrying. The state processed nearly 127,000 applications last year. It denied only 4 percent of them.

Permit fees do raise money for training law enforcement officers in Indiana, but that should be responsibility of all Hoosiers. It’s not fair to put the burden solely on gun owners.

I agree with critics who say that, without these permits, Indiana still needs a system to let cops quickly verify whether someone is a lawful gun owner.

But you know who has very strict laws surrounding guns? Chicago. And guess what, Chicago still has a lot of gun violence.

When we make it easier for law-abiding citizens to carry, it might just make a criminal think twice before committing a crime.

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