Shepherdsville city council passes a resolution to make it a Second Amendment sanctuary city. A resolution is not an ordinance or a law, but it does make a point. It shows the federal government that Shepherdsville residents will stand up for their rights to keep and bear arms. This resolution was a waste of time. The Constitution already guarantees these rights.

"No one is above the rights of the people that are not gifted to them by the government, but rather protected by the Constitution."

"They keep wasting our tax dollars on doing stupid stuff like that, and the Constitution is already in place."

"The Second Amendment resolution that's running through the state is a sign that the people of the state does not trust the government."

 "The idea that you accomplish nothing with a resolution as Shepherdsville did, maybe we need to look at that at the federal level too. Politicians make resolutions that have no effect all the time, but nobody seems to think that those are a waste of time." 

"The whole point of having the sanctuary cities is to let them know to back off when it comes to our guns."

"If only the legislatures in this nation would follow the Constitution we'd have nothing to worry about."

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