Governor Beshear was greeted with a chorus of boos at the Kentucky Derby. I wonder if he knows how to take a hint.

After more than a year of COVID restrictions, Kentuckians are ready to fully reopen our economy. The loosened rules Beshear announced last week are a step in the right direction. But 75 percent is not 100 percent.

Those of us who have done the right thing and gotten our shot are still subject to mask requirements and capacity limits. It feels a bit like a bait and switch scheme.

Even the most liberal state, California, has set a firm date to fully reopen on June 15.

I understand why Governor Beshear set the bar at 2.5 million Kentuckians getting vaccinated. But as it turns out, that bar may be too high to clear anytime soon.

Make no mistake: I wish everyone would get vaccinated. The shots are free, readily available and well publicized. Yet, fewer people are showing up. We need to keep up the campaign for vaccinations, but we cannot force it upon anyone.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are ready to move on with our lives.

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