The grass is always greener on the other side, there’s a reason for that. The Commonwealth consistently gives its money to neighboring states. Illinois made three point one million dollars on its first day of recreational cannabis sales. Legal marijuana is the future for the Commonwealth. During prohibition, bootleggers never stopped making bourbon. Let’s be honest, Kentuckian’s are already growing marijuana. It’s time for the state to legitimize the pot industry and start taxing its way to prosperity.

Curosh:  People have been smoking it anyway just been giving money to the drug dealers at least get the taxes.

Sherri G Wilson Patterson: I have no problem legalizing marijuana, as long as it is in no driving under the influence.

Hollie Ellis: I agree that legalization would benefit our state in so many different ways. I feel like it would help dramatically with the opioid crisis as well…

Kate Doyle: Yet there are bourbon distilleries every three or four miles and no one seems to recognize that as a problem. Legalize it and get the revenue.

Elizabeth Baldwin Hermosilla: I don’t smoke it, but completely agree that it's time to legalize it for all states. Long overdue!