The simple things in life are getting more complicated. People are sitting in line more than an hour at pharmacies waiting to get medicine because it was closed inside. Fast food restaurants are dealing with similar issues, and so are grocery stores. Only enough employees to ring you up but not enough to bag your groceries. 

Some kids are waiting on their school bus for more than an hour because there's a bus driver shortage, and drivers are forced to run double and triple the number of routes. We need to get back people to work before businesses become extinct.   

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"They have gone back to work. They just don't want to work in fast food and retail for low wages and no insurance when they can do self-employed delivery jobs and make their own schedule."

"If they stopped busing there wouldn’t be a shortage of bus drivers."

"We’re wasting fuel and time for these children when they should be home, studying."

"There's just a lot of kids, a lot of people out there, that can work, but won't work. Would rather live off the government."

"Quit giving away money for nothing. Quit paying for everything that people need. Make them get a job."

"With the Biden administration passing out free money, it's too easy not to work. Cut off the free money."

"You've got to get up off your butt to go to work."

President, General Manager

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