The simple things in life are getting a lot more complicated.  I've noticed lately some pharmacies only have their drive-thru lanes open. People are sitting in line more than an hour waiting to get medicine.

Don't get me wrong: They're doing the best they can with what they have. But that's the problem. They don't have enough employees. And many businesses are in the same boat.

We must find a way to get people back to work. It's hurting fast food restaurants too. They only have enough employees to run the drive-thru line but not enough to serve people who want to sit down and eat. Some grocery stores are also struggling. Self-check-outs are the new normal, and so is bagging your own groceries at the supermarket. This stuff is more of an inconvenience than anything. but some issues are more problematic than others. 

For instance: our bus driver shortage. It's having a huge impact on families across Kentucky and Indiana. Some kids are forced to sit on the bus for an hour because their driver has double or triple the number of routes to drive every day. It's a big problem with no easy answer.

There are plenty of jobs for people who want to work, but, soon, companies will be forced to automate tasks, and those jobs will disappear forever.

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President, General Manager

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