JCPS is a mess. That's what some parents are saying after last week's snow  and this week’s switch to NTI. School districts have to make tough decisions, but jeopardizing students' safety should never be one of them.  Dismissing kids early led to more chaos and accidents on the roads.

The snow forecast didn’t change from the night before to the next morning. That’s why other districts closed or went to NTI the previous night.

This week JCPS went to NTI learning citing staff shortages. But sports aren't impacted. Again, why risk the safety of students even student athletes?

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"When I went to school in the seventies, we walked to school in the snow. The bus drivers could drive in the snow."

"They get the students in there, as soon as they can get them in there long enough to get qualified for federal funding, and they send them home. Whether the weather is terrible or not."

"They need to worry about their safety. Safety, in my opinion, always comes first."

"The entire school board in Jefferson County needs to be replaced. Maybe they can then hire some people that know what they're doing."

"Even before COVID, if JCPS called a snow day and a ballgame between major schools was scheduled, the game was allowed to go on. Sports rules in Louisville, not common sense."

President, General Manager

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