JCPS is a mess. That's what some parents are saying after last week's snow  and this week’s switch to NTI. School districts have to make tough decisions, but jeopardizing students' safety should never be one of them.  Dismissing kids early led to more chaos and accidents on the roads.

The snow forecast didn’t change from the night before to the next morning. That’s why other districts closed or went to NTI the previous night.

This week JCPS went to NTI learning citing staff shortages. But sports aren't impacted. Again, why risk the safety of students even student athletes?

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"JCPS always drags their feet when they're canceling school to make the almighty dollar. And yes, if the kids can't go to school and learn, they shouldn't be able to play sports."

"Parents and the public are outraged with JCPS, but yet they continue to elect the inept officials on the school board."

"The problem is, is the politicians, and all these laws that have put them into a bind."

"It's just real sad that the only kids that are to learn anything in this day and age is the people that are paying for private schools because JCPS, it isn't anything but a daycare center."

President, General Manager

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