Moving fast does not help you reach your destination any sooner, if you don’t know where you are going. The Jefferson County Public School board is in a big hurry to pass a tax hike. It came up with a plan months before the pandemic to raise funds on the backs of the homeowners. The problem is getting taxpayers to support it. This plan is as much based in speculation as it is in fact.

No one knows what the next school year will look like. The shutdown has turned the education world upside down. JCPS operates on a $1.8 billion yearly budget. This means it spends nearly $18,000 to educate each student every year. The CARES Act has awarded the school system $30 million in funding. In its own words, the organization is trying to “figure out” what to spend the money on.

JCPS must hit the brakes on its $50 million tax hike proposal. The dollars it received from the CARES Act will more than cover unexpected expenses from the pandemic. Now is the time to reevaluate how the classroom will look. If it doesn’t come up with a viable plan, it might become the next sector where people find an interest in defunding.

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