JCPS looks like it’s on the right path. In a meeting earlier this week, board members agreed to buy property for a new elementary school. When finished, the new school will be connected to a YMCA. It will combine Roosevelt-Perry and Wheatley elementary students and should be completed by 2023. Dr. Marty Polio has focused on advancing student achievement. He and his team have come up with a vision to further strengthen the school district. It is refreshing to see transparency. I look forward to learning more about future property acquisitions and hope JCPS will transform into one of the nation’s best districts.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Where are you going to get the money to build these new schools? People have been off from work because of the Corona Virus. They have no money, and yet you're wanting to jack up the taxes?"

"What JCPS needs to do is stop busing, free up those hundreds of millions of dollars a year in transportation, and use that for their new schools."

"Put the schools back in the neighborhoods. Let the people have continuity, and grow friends for the future."

"[They] keep tearing down schools that were perfect to start with. You won't have enough students to fill the schools... why keep building new ones? It just costs more money."

"Half the schools that they tear down... there's nothing wrong with them. They are wasting, wasting money."

President, General Manager

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