This pandemic has already spaced us out, limited our social lives, potentially cost us our jobs, and now we might get frozen out of our homes. Soon utility companies can once again turn off your gas and electric, if you are behind on your bills. Nearly 28,000 residential customers are subject to disconnection. That number is twice as high as last year’s monthly average. You do have options to set up payment plans and to pay installments over time, but to some that still isn’t possible.  LG&E must realize this can’t be the final solution. It should allow longer grace periods for customers to repay their debt.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

I believe they should give everyone until tax time to catch up on their LG&E.

Most people are getting unemployment plus an additional $600. There is no excuse for not paying your bills.

28,000 people are going to be cut off and disconnected. That is all the more reason to get politicians to release the secondary stimulus check as soon as possible.

This is the worst time. People are going to be needing the utilities on, because now it is getting cold.

I think the debt should be forgiven after this pandemic mess is over with.

President, General Manager

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