Kentucky is ground zero when it comes to new cases of COVID-19. We are 16 months into this pandemic, and what happened to flattening the curve?

Thousands of people have died, and thousands more have sacrificed in ways many of us will never really understand - yet here we are.

Alarming new data shows ten of the 20 worst counties in the country for COVID cases per population are in Kentucky. The latest numbers continue to paint a dark picture for the Commonwealth, currently with more than 4,000  new cases daily and 1,500 of those are kids. 

We've made our bed, we've laid in it for months, and now it's time to collectively come together as a state and do something. I've long said it's a personal choice whether you want to get vaccinated, but it's hard to argue with facts.

And the fact is local hospitals are filling up fast with COVID patients. President Biden in July announced his new strategy of going door to door for his vaccination campaign, the data shows he should strap up his boots and start in the state of Kentucky.

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