It's time for Kentucky to get off the bench - and legalize sports betting. Thirty other states, including Indiana, have already done it - and now the Commonwealth is in a position to get it done - and finally reap the rewards.

I’ve been a strong advocate for Kentucky to legalize sports betting. Last Friday, the State House of Representatives approved a bill that would legalize sports gambling - online and in person. 

It's a step in the right direction - and now the Senate needs to step up - be a team player - and do what's best for the state of Kentucky.

The fact is - we are missing out. Last year, Indiana brought in more than $20 million in tax revenue from sports betting. Our state and local economy could use the extra funds to potentially help with sales or property tax, or maybe it could get divided to help with our education system, or police departments.

I'm not a sports better, I wouldn't be good at it. My March Madness bracket proves that, but I do see the immense value sports betting would bring to the state of Kentucky if it was legal.

President, General Manager

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