It’s amazing what you can be accomplished when you put your mind to it. Kentucky lawmakers just proved that. In less than two weeks, a controversial bill to legalize the state’s casino-like gaming facilities made its way through the entire legislative process, passing the state Senate and House.

If Kentuckians are responsible enough to decide for themselves to put money in a slot machine, why can’t they place a bet on the outcome of a football or basketball game?

Sports wagering will generate tax revenue. Sure, it would be modest, but every little bit helps when you’re always pinching pennies at budget time.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"They should legalize sports gambling. People that want to do it are doing it anyway."

"Kentuckians haven't voted on anything."

"It's very funny, they can pass stuff for betting in a couple of weeks...and they drag their feet on everything else."

"Gambling is wrong. We do not have to gamble to fund our state."

"Every Saturday thousands of Kentuckians make a trek from Kentucky to a parking lot at the foot of the Second Street Bridge to legally gamble on sports. Indiana, not Kentucky, benefits from the taxes raised. Every Kentucky border state has legalized sports wagering."

"That's why their roads look better than ours."

"We could use all of that money for our budget. Keep the money here."

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