Election season is almost officially over. The people have spoken. After all is said and done, Andy Beshear is the governor-elect.

Kentucky clearly wants to head in a new direction. Governor Bevin’s slogan was “Moving Kentucky Forward.” The Commonwealth voted Republican for every statewide office except Governor. Kentucky wants to move forward, but without Matt Bevin.

The pension crisis remains the state’s biggest problem. You can’t cut your way to greatness. You have to build towards it. Governor-elect Beshear can move the state forward by pushing to legalize casinos. He can build state revenue by allowing sports betting. Working with lawmakers to eliminate pollution taxes will clear one obstruction. Ending the reformulated gas surcharge and replacing it with a sun-setting gas tax will add more revenue.

Governor-elect Beshear should not be afraid of greatness. Governor Bevin refused to listen to the people. The remaining elected officials need to realize Kentucky’s path forward. If they don’t listen, you can bet they will be sidelined too.

I’m Dale Woods and that’s my Point of View.