It's hard to miss the "now hiring" signs plastered outside of Kentucky businesses. Companies are essentially begging people to work, but it's just not working.

Kentucky is currently the third worst state in the country, when it comes to job participation. 

A new report from the Kentucky Chamber found 43% of Kentuckians are choosing not to work, and they aren't even looking for a job.

Two issues that need addressed to fix this problem.

First, Affordable childcare does not exist. It's cheaper for parents to stay home with their kids, instead of sending them out into the world and contributing to their future.  It's impossible to pay for childcare when it costs more money per month than most families have coming in. 

And the second issue is taxes. We can't change the aging population of retirees, but we can change the tax code and encourage businesses, and people, to come to Kentucky. 

It won't be easy, but it's necessar, if we want to fill the 100,000 open jobs in Kentucky. 

If we don't see real change, we'll lose talented people to our neighboring states.  

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President, General Manager

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