Governor Andy Beshear has a new idea to get people back to work.

The average unemployment benefit in Kentucky is about $350 a week. Then, add the $300 supplement from the federal government. So, that equals $2,600 per month for staying home.

The governor wants to offer a $1,500 bonus and they have to work for the first month. This means it’s an $1,100 monthly haircut, that is not an incentive to go to work.

Erase the $300 and that would solve the problem. The problem is not that we aren’t paying people enough money to go to work -- t’s that we are paying them too much to stay home.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"I can't get any workers, and they're being paid $2,600 a month to stay home and not work. They're trying to turn us into children and give us an allowance."

"I think people should just get off their butts and get back to work so we can get back to some normalcy."

"They need to take back the money and put people to work. You see all these businesses out here that have 'Now Hiring'. Please, Governor, quit giving out the free money so people can go to work. I'm an essential worker, I've been working the whole time. Give me a bonus."

"Raise the minimum wage. How can you live off of seven dollars an hour? You can't."

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